14 October 2019

Royal London enhances income protection for NHS professionals

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Meera Khanna, Consumer PR Manager
Meera Khanna

Corporate PR Manager - Protection


Royal London has made enhancements to its income protection proposition for NHS medical professionals to offer new benefits, if they are unable to work due to long-term illness.

Three new features have been added to Royal London’s standard income protection product.

1.      Special deferred period arrangements – The NHS has a sick pay structure based on length of service which means the longer the service, the higher the sick pay entitlement.  Royal London’s cover ensures medical professionals entitled to this sick pay arrangement start receiving benefits as soon as their sick-pay halves, regardless of their length of service.

2.     Twelve month sabbatical cover – Customers can take an extended break of up to 12 months and retain their normal level of cover when they go on sabbatical.

3.     Higher minimum income benefit – The standard minimum benefit is £1,500 each month but individuals who are employed as a doctor or surgeon at the time of claim, will be able to take advantage of a higher minimum income benefit of £3,000 each month.  There is also no requirement for the policyholder to work a minimum number of hours, which is unique to the market.

Christina Rigby, Product Specialist at Royal London, said:

“Our income protection enhancements for NHS medical professionals have been designed to work alongside the NHS sick pay arrangements. Royal London is the only provider to not require the policyholder to be working a minimum number of hours in order to be entitled to our minimum benefit guarantee. Customers can also take up to a year off work whilst retaining their full cover, provided they meet the conditions.”

Notes to Editors

1. The new enhancements are available for, but not limited to, doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses, health visitors and midwives. To be eligible for special deferred period arrangements individuals must be:

  • Working in a medical profession in the UK and entitled to a sick pay arrangement that matches the NHS sick pay guarantee;
  • Registered, or provisionally registered, with the General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council or General Dental Council; and
  • If a doctor or surgeon, licenced to practise in the UK, at the time they become unable to work.

2. To be eligible for sabbatical cover individuals must:

  • Have had their policy for at least 12 months;
  • Keep paying their premiums while on sabbatical;
  • Have approval from their employer for the sabbatical;
  • Have a job to come back to; and
  • Have been working for the NHS for at least 12 months

3. The increased minimum income benefit is available to all doctors and surgeons practising in the UK regardless of their sick pay arrangements.

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Meera Khanna, Corporate PR Manager - Protection

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