18 December 2018

Offering flexible working options key to keeping older workers in workplace

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Helen Morrissey, Personal Finance Specialist
Helen Morrissey

Corporate PR Specialist – Long Term Savings


Commenting on statistics showing the issues older workers face when juggling caring responsibilities and working, Helen Morrissey, pensions specialist at Royal London, said:

“These statistics highlight the challenges people coming up to retirement age face when it comes to working longer. People in the 52 to 64 age group are more likely than any other age group to be carers with many also still working and we need to make sure that they are supported to work longer wherever possible. Offering flexible and part time options to this age group will have significant benefits not just for these workers, but also for the economy as a whole. It is estimated if the employment rate of people aged 50 to 64 matched that of those aged 35 to 49, it would add more than 5% to UK GDP, or £88 billion.”

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Helen Morrissey, Corporate PR Specialist – Long Term Savings

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