Keeping you and your pension savings safe with email encryption

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is when the contents of an email are converted into a code to protect it from any malicious threats.

Only by requesting a private verification code can the email be unlocked and decrypted back to the original message.

Why are we using email encryption?

Choosing to encrypt our emails means you can be assured your personal details are kept safe and any email we send is authentic.

By adding this security, you can be confident our emails aren’t compromised in any way.

How to access an encrypted email 

Don’t worry it’s easy!

  • Step 1

    You’ll receive a Unipass Mailock secure message. Click Read my message.

  • Step 2

    You’ll be asked to verify your email address. To do this, click VERIFY EMAIL to receive your verification code.

  • Step 3

    You’ll receive an email from Beyond Encryption. Inside you’ll find your verification code.

  • Step 4

    Enter the verification code and click VERIFY CODE to read your message.