Inclusion and Diversity

At Royal London, we believe that your difference is our strength. A kaleidoscope of people and personalities gives us a diversity of skills – whatever their educational background, physical ability or disability, gender, age and sexual orientation.

In fact, the first pillar of our People Promise is designed to make sure you 'work somewhere inclusive'. We want to live up to this promise; it’s good for our people, and good for our customers too, because our workforce should reflect our communities.

Our culture

We’re welcoming, friendly, flexible and make sure you always feel included. Royal London is a place where everyone wants to be.

All our teams get along and our culture has engrained the principles of diversity within us, such as inclusion, valuing the individual and their strengths, and promoting personal growth for all.

Andrew Carter, CEO of Royal London Asset Management, who is sponsoring our Inclusion & Diversity agenda, says “Inclusion and Diversity is a broad subject covering everything from gender and ethnicity to disability and social exclusion. We want to ensure we have a culture that recognises people’s differences and allows them to play to their strengths. We’re focusing on gender as a first step from which we can broaden our work on improving inclusion and diversity until it becomes part of our DNA at Royal London.”

ENEI Gold award

Employers' Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI)

We’re a member of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion – the UK's leading promoter of equality and inclusion in the workplace.

ENEI awarded us their Gold standard and are helping us to continue making progress because we want to achieve best practice in equality and inclusion.

Disability Confident
Disability confident employer badge

Disability Confident

In 2018, we signed up to the Disability Confident scheme and became a Disability Confident Employer in 2020.

The Disability Confident scheme helps employers make the most of the talents that disabled people can bring to the workplace. They’re also advising us on how to successfully recruit and retain disabled people, as well as those with health conditions.

We recognise that people with disabilities often face significant challenges in finding and sustaining meaningful employment. As a responsible employer, we recognise our ability to remove barriers to employment people may face. To help us in our journey, we’ve become members of the Business Disability Forum

Women in Finance

Women in Finance

Women have always been prominent at Royal London. In fact, during World War II, our mutual society was remained in business thanks to a diligent and energetic group of young women who filled the gaps left by our men in service. Today, it's more important than ever to champion the work of women at Royal London, at a time when all of society must improve its approach to women in the workplace. With this in mind, we’ve made a commitment to tackling specific challenges surrounding gender equality.

Women in Finance Charter

As part of our diversity and inclusion agenda, we’ve signed up to the Women in Finance Charter, a government initiative supporting the progression of women into senior roles in financial services. It’s a promise we’ve made to Women in Finance, our people, and those who are considering joining us in future.

By signing up to the charter, we will:

  • Set ourselves a target of increasing our female senior management population from 33% in 2016 to 40% by the end of 2020
  • Publish annual reports that outline the progress we’re making towards meeting this target

2018 Women in Finance Charter Report [PDF, 196 KB]

2019 Women in Finance Charter Report [PDF, 118 KB]

Gender pay gap

We’re determined to reduce our gender pay gaps. We know it won’t happen overnight, but we're working diligently to make changes that have a lasting impact on the business. Our Gender Pay Gap report shows the gaps across our business, outlines why we have these gaps and sets out what we are doing to address them. By understanding the gaps, we can better focus our attention on the initiatives that will make a real difference. 

2019 Gender Pay Gap Report [PDF, 1.32MB]

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report [PDF, 1.71MB]

2017 Gender Pay Gap Report [PDF, 0.33MB]

Our people promise

This is our promise guaranteeing the best experience for our people. It reflects our brand, our strengths and how we work together to create a positive culture.

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Why work at Royal London?

We’re a financial services company that has something others don’t – our strength is our difference.

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