Sharing some tips

Looking for more distance in your driving? Or a few hints on how to hole those sneaky three foot putts? Stuart McLaren shares some of his tips on driving, chipping and putting.

Ready for a challenge?

Having shared these short lessons with us we thought we’d put Stuart to the test with a few challenges of our own. You can see how Stuart got on with the following challenges.

Random club challenge

Stuart McLaren: Hi, my name's Stuart McLaren, today we're here at Bruntsfield Links, we're on the thirteenth hole, 510yd, par five, and we're going to do the random club challenge. So, got a little app here, my fate will be decided by this little app, whatever club comes up, hit it, then try and-, try and make the par better. So, here we go. Five wood, okay, it's not a bad start, we can get there with that. So, five wood, let's go. Down the left-hand side, in play, see what has got next. First shot, finished up down the left-hand side, probably got about 250yds still to go, let's spin again and see our fate. He's pulled a blinder, he's got three wood. Can I ask you to watch out? This could go anywhere. Middle stump, yeah, so that didn't go to plan. Have hit a tree, 100yds, 120yds up the fairway, bounced back 50yds, so let's go on. Okay, still got 203yds to go. Fate is about to be decided again. Go, go, six iron, so 203yds, actually quite fortunate, there's a little bit of wind here so I'd probably actually normally hit a five iron, so pin's middle of the green, hopefully I can get this round about the front edge and give myself a chance at making four, if not securing the par. So, it's near the front, it might have gone in the bunker, it's still not a bad place to be, hopefully still got a chance of getting the par. So, as expected, six iron wasn't quite enough, got about 20yd, 25yd bunker shot, club of choice, it's a putter.

Oh, joys. Probably the one club in the bag we didn't want to get for this shot. I actually have no idea how to play this. I'll take it. Annoying thing is you won't get a putter twice in a row, so, 18ft, 20ft to go for par, and we've got 52 degree wedge. Could be worse. It's got a chance. See you later. Let's see what the next club is going to be. Seven iron, not sure what my putting's like from 4ft with a seven iron, but we're about to find out. Just short. Not had the porridge this morning. Last but not least, it's going to be the wedge. I don't think I can miss from a couple of inches with that. Okay, so that was a seven in the end, good start, bit of tree trouble, getting the putter out the bunker wasn't the, the ideal situation, but at the end of the day it's, it's not the worst score.

Water skim challenge

Stuart McLaren: Hi, I'm Stuart McLaren, today we're going to do the water skim challenge. Let me start off by saying first of all the swans are plastic, so no one will be harmed in this video. What are the chances? Here we're at Bruntsfield Links, sixteenth hole, the signature hole, little pond, got a two-iron out, I'm hoping it's going to help me get over these plants, to start off with, have a few skims and get on the green. So, so in this case my bodyweight's going to be forward on my left-hand side, club behind, hands in front of the ball, and just drive through and hope for the best. It's stuck in the wall. Do you know, it was a good attempt, got five or six skims out of it, it's actually finished up in a hole in the wall. I'm going to class it as above ground.

50 ball challenge

Stuart McLaren: Hi, my name's Stuart McLaren, today we'll do the 50 ball from 50yds challenge. 50 balls, try and hole it out from 50yds. Hopefully we can hole one, if not, get a few close. Ah, not a bad start. Oh, that's got no chance. Ah, getting closer, getting there. Not hard enough. That's got no chance either. This is frustrating. Got a chance. Frustrating. Left, left, left. Go in. That's probably the closest so far. That's rubbish, that is rubbish. Go, go. Twenty balls done so far. Closest has been about 3ft, so in a competition play it's not too bad. For the purposes of this challenge, yeah, I need to try and go a little bit closer, so 30 balls to go, let's see what we can do. That's got a chance. Go in. Sit. That's the worst so far. That was rubbish. Change the flight, let's go a little bit lower. That's maybe okay, it could be okay. Killed on the hill. Could have picked myself an easier shot here. It's got a little upslope about 10ft just shy of the pin, which is causing me a bit of issues. Trying to make up my mind whether I run it up or try to fly it, so let's see what we can do. Sticking with the 60 degree, persevere, might change it in a minute, but let's see what we've got here. Yeah, that upslope again. Go in. That slope is killing it. Pretty good. Oh, right, change of club, go something lower, it's not a shot I normally play, so me getting excuses in early. I had it just flooring the upslope completely.

No, it's not working, back to the other 50, the 60. Stick to what you know. It's either good for distance or good for line, never both. It's got a chance maybe. One time that it doesn't actually break. Nope, left. Could work, could work, bloomin' slope. Come on, let's-, we're on our last ten. Tell you what, oh, not hard enough. Everything kicks right to left. No, left. Too hard. I'm disappointed in myself. I should be getting closer than that. Come on, come on, come on. Okay, last ball. It's got to go in, and it's not going in from over there, that's for sure. Oh, maybe, go, go. Oh well, that's my challenge up, 50 balls, couldn't get in the hole. Yeah, frustrating.

100ft putt challenge

Stuart McLaren: Hi, I'm Stuart McLaren, today we're doing a little fun challenge, the 100ft putt. It's got five attempts, see if we can hole it. Now, on the green here it's a downhill, right to left, bit of fun, so let's give it a bash. Realistically in a competition I'd be-, get this with-, inside that 3ft radius and you're fine, walk off with your two putt, 'Let's go to the next.' This is a little bit different, so hit and hope. That's nowhere near hard enough, I don't think. Go, go, that was quite a good attempt actually. I think if I've got any chance of that going, going in I'm actually going to have to get that ball moved, to be honest. Oh, that's short. Go, go, go, go, go, no, that's rubbish. It's a bit harder. I'd take it, but for the sake of this challenge it's not good enough. Too hard. Right, last try. It's quite a chance if it goes. Didn't go in, I'm just pretty happy with them, four out of five.

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