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In 2019, we continued to offer Insight into Work placements in different parts of our business

With a total of 20 work experience placements completed across different locations – eight in Wilmslow, seven in London and five in Edinburgh – we’re delighted to see that the programme is still proving very popular.

“Insight into Work gives members and their families the opportunity to gain valuable experience at Royal London, and helps us to attract future talent,” said Karolina Gorka, HR Services at Royal London. “Work experience is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to improve or gain skills, increase their knowledge or improve their confidence in the workplace – and the most rewarding part of being involved in the programme is the recognition from our candidates, their parents and the business.”

A great response

In 2019, our candidates took on lots of opportunities in various departments, including IT, Risk & Compliance, Intermediary, Customer Service and our RLAM (investment) team – which was the most popular area, with seven placements in total.

We’ve had a fantastic response from the people who’ve taken part in the programme.

Isabella, Group Operations (Pensions), Edinburgh

Isabella, 17, joined Royal London for a week-long placement in July 2019. She’s in her final year of secondary school.

A very happy candidate

Isabella wanted to experience what it was like to work in a large company and get some insight into the world of customer service. She had great things to say about her time spent with the Group Operations team:

“I worked in a team and got the chance to do call listening and learn about the various tasks people do every day in the call centre. Customer service is all about having good people skills, and I had a lot of experience in this during the placement.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the placement, but it was a lot better than I thought, and the team were really friendly. The experience was really enjoyable, and gave me the chance to meet lots of new people outside my school environment. In future, I definitely want to do something around working with and helping people.”

We also had some fantastic feedback from Isabella’s mum, Jane:

“I wanted to thank you for giving Isabella the chance to experience work at Royal London. The team you placed her with were very kind, welcoming and friendly. This opportunity has given Isabella a boost to her confidence and we couldn't have wished for a better place to introduce her to the world of work.”

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We’ve also had some great feedback from the business, showing that work experience isn’t only good for the people who take part in the programme, but also for us as a company.

“Being part of the Insight into Work programme was a great experience all around,” said Anne Heywood, Consumer, Group Technology & Change at Royal London. “We created a unique opportunity for our candidate to spend four weeks in the Consumer division, where they gained knowledge and skills in a number of areas.

“Personally, I gained a great deal of satisfaction from being involved in the programme and I’d highly recommend – to my Royal London colleagues and those interested in a development opportunity to gain insight into Royal London – to get involved!”

Developing our programme

At Royal London, it’s part of our talent strategy to share working experiences with people in our communities, support diversity in our business and help find people who want to work with us in future.

“It’s really important to us that we attract diverse talent through giving people – at all stages of life – the opportunity to come and experience working with one of our teams,” said Carolyn Leitch, People Experience at Royal London. 

“We look to create a great range of experiences every year, at each of our locations. We’re focused on this continuing to be part of our talent strategy, and are delighted that some of those who’ve joined us are coming back again and even securing roles with us. 

”We’d love to hear from you, or your family, about what Insight into Work opportunities you’d like to see. Come and not only experience working with us, but also be part of our culture. We’ll make you really welcome.”

Insight into Work: coronavirus update

Please note that due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Insight into Work placements and applications are currently on hold. We'll be reviewing the situation regularly so please do check the website for updates. Candidates who had previously applied for a placement with us will be contacted separately by our People team.