Our Insight into Work scheme was launched in 2017 to give members and their families the opportunity to take part in work experience at Royal London.

Over the last few years, we’ve provided lots of people with work experience placements across our business – one of our candidates even secured a permanent role at Royal London.

We want to help more people gain access to work experience, so we’ve now opened the programme to make it more accessible to all. Members will receive priority access for Insight into Work placements, but we’ll accept applications from anyone aged 14 and above, whatever stage of life or career they may be at.

Take a look around to find out more about the Insight into Work programme, learn about our culture and people, or get more information on how to apply for a placement with us.

See our candidates at work

Our Insight into Work programme means members and their families can experience work at Royal London. Five of our newest candidates tell us about their time working with us.

CAPTION: Our new Insight into Work programme means all Royal London members have the opportunity to nominate themselves, or their direct families, for a work placement with us. Whether you’re a student, seeking a career change, looking to develop new skills, or returning to work after a career break, there’s something for everyone. Five of our newest candidates tell us about their experience…

CAPTION: Work experience: What did you expect?

CANDIDATE 1: Having little experience in the work[place], I didn’t know what to expect.

CANDIDATE 2: It might potentially be quite dull.

CANDIDATE 3: I expected it to be a bit of a boring work environment actually!

CANDIDATE 4: [In the] office you kind of expected to just do photocopying and filing and printing.

CANDIDATE 5: That couldn’t have been further from the truth.

CAPTION: Candidates – Holly, Bethany, James, Rohan and Theo.

CAPTION: Why did you want to work with us?

JAMES: As I had just finished my first year at Durham university I thought that it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss to start my career path.

ROHAN: I wanted to work in the Consumer Department because I found that it would be suited towards my skill set.

BETHANY: I wanted to work at both HR and Finance, because it gave me such a big insight.

CAPTION: What was your experience like?

ROHAN: All my expectations were exceeded in the environment and the people I was working with.

HOLLY: My experiences here have been really enjoyable. Everyone seems to really care about the products.

THEO: My experience was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting. They seemed genuinely happy that I was here, and interested in giving me a good experience.

CAPTION: What were you working on?

HOLLY: One of the main tasks I got given was a personal project – engaging a younger generation in news and investment and protection products, and then I presented it to the rest of the team.

JAMES: I’ve been going to various meetings and I’ve also been shadowing managers and other staff members.

CHRISTINA: My name’s Christina. I applied for my son. Being a member gave me an opportunity to give something to my son that he would have found difficulty getting ordinarily. He worked in a department that put him at the core of what business is all about which is meeting customers’ needs. I think it will be informative for him as he considers his career in the future.

CAPTION: What have you enjoyed the most?

BETHANY: In HR I think mostly connecting with people. When you get to read an email after you’ve helped somebody, you get satisfaction.

HOLLY: What I’ve learned is problem solving, definitely.

JAMES: I have seen the importance of teamwork.

ROHAN: I think everyone’s so friendly. I can always ask them for help however busy they are and they’ll always give me time.

CAPTION: Would you recommend work experience at Royal London?

THEO: I’d recommend it very highly. The way people treat you, deal with you and enjoy having you here.

HOLLY: Previously I didn’t really know what career path to take but after doing the 4 week placement, I’ve definitely considered a career in Actuarial.

BETHANY: I would definitely recommend people do work experience at Royal London. It’s going to make you re-evaluate what you want to do with your life.

CAPTION: We’ve got even more opportunities for members and their direct families to come and experience work with us in 2018.

Find out more about our Insight into Work programme, or submit your application, at royallondon.com/members.

Find out about our People Promise

CAPTION: At Royal London, the way we work together and support our people is everything. Our People Promise sums up our working experience and the type of employer we want to be. Our people are part of our community of members, and the People Promise was built by them. It’s based on four pillars, which allow us to create a workplace that’s: inclusive, responsible, enjoyable and fulfilling.

CAPTION: At our AGM, our members asked us how we support our people and how we create a great place for them to work. So, we spoke to some of our colleagues. Here’s what they had to say…

CAPTION: Inclusive: How do you feel empowered in what you do at Royal London?

NADIA AL YAFAI: Working at Royal London has been a highlight of my career. I think I’ve been empowered to develop the community programme but also our 70 champions across the business have been really empowered to develop local charity partnerships, and our staff have been empowered to vote for the theme and get involved in the programme.

MANDY LAMPERT: I attend the Group Executive Committee meetings and I see first-hand how much they value the customers and the employees.

NATALIE-ANNE TALBOT: I feel really supported by Royal London and my colleagues. Being a new mum coming back from maternity leave I feel I’ve been given every opportunity to progress in my career. My line managers have been great with that.

CAPTION: Responsibility: How does trust come through in how you work together?

CATHY GIBSON: Trust and respect are important because it enables us to have frank and honest conversations with our colleagues. This means that the everyday challenges the company face[s] do not become problems.

MATT BLAKE: I work a lot with the board and the senior management and they trust and respect me to provide them with the right advice, to make sure that they make the right decisions through the governed process.

CAPTION: Enjoyable: How do you collaborate and work as a team?

NADIA AL YAFAI: I think the Culture Pod is a really great example of collaboration and it’s something I haven’t seen done as powerfully elsewhere. It’s a group of people who are here to support us in building our culture, but it’s also continuing to be a great place and a great forum to bring our ideas.

CLAIRE DENNIS: Coming externally, so I’m fairly new to Royal London, you get that opportunity – how did you do that previously? What worked, what didn’t work? And you have a real sense of achievement when your ideas and thoughts are listened to.

CAPTION: Fulfilling: What’s your proudest achievement?

GRAEME ROBERTS: I’ve developed a new fix while working strategy for the organisation. Seeing that strategy now coming to life and giving the people the opportunity across the organisation to work more flexibly at a time that suits them and a location that suits me is just fantastic to see.

NADIA AL YAFAI: The achievement I’m most proud of is the re-launch of the Royal London Foundation in 2017. This is where members can nominate a local community to receive a grant towards their core costs. That means a grant towards the great things they’re already doing. In 2017 we aimed to give £100,000 and we actually ended up giving £185,000 to organisations across the UK.

ANNA STOKES: The work I’ve done with the social responsibility and charity areas and the company commitment during that time has just grown and developed enormously over those years.

CAPTION: How would you sum up Royal London in one word?

MANDY LAMPERT: Collaborative.


COMMENTER: Passionate.


MATT BLAKE: Rewarding.


ANNA STOKES: Friendly.

NATALIE-ANNE TALBOT: And encouraging.