Gloria Hunniford

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I think to lose a child sends you into the darkest black hole imaginable.

TV and radio presenter Gloria Hunniford, OBE, has presented a plethora of television shows over the course of her career, including Loose Women, Sunday Sunday, The One Show and Gloria Live. She's been a regular presenter of BBC consumer advice programme Rip Off Britain (Holidays and Food) since its first broadcast in 2009, and was also the first woman with her own daily radio show on Radio 2.

Gloria lost her daughter, TV presenter Caron Keating, in 2004 when she was just 41 years old. Caron had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. After the death of her daughter, Gloria set up The Caron Keating Foundation, a fundraising charity which supports a number of cancer charities across the UK. She was awarded an OBE by the Queen for her services and hard work for cancer charities. In her interview, Gloria discusses coping with grief and loss, the importance of preparing for the inevitable and how death is marked in Ireland.  

Most people don’t know how to treat death. We hate making wills, we hate addressing the fact that we will die one day.