Alec King

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I think for the most part I view grief through other people’s eyes. So, for example, how my mum hurts over the loss of her father, the grandfather I didn’t meet. I feel the pain through her. 

Born in 1997, Alec King was raised by his mother, a single parent, in Northamptonshire. Now based in London, the model, public speaker and photographer has worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV, as well as brands Hugo Boss, Nike and Neutrogena. Passionate about social activism, he has become an ambassador for the Vitiligo Society and the British Skincare Foundation in the hopes of lessening stigma and increasing understanding of the skin condition vitiligo.

Alec lost his grandfather before he was able to meet him, but he experienced the loss second hand through his mother. Alec feels a connection to his grandfather through certain items of his which have been handed down, such as a vintage safari hat. He also lost his great aunt in 2002, a confrontation with mortality which changed his views on death and helped him learn how to navigate his emotions.

As long as wherever I’m going down there’s a disco ball [and] nobody can wear black, those are my two things. Do your thing, but I want you to have a good old time.