The rising cost of funerals is leaving many people struggling to cope with the financial burden of paying for their loved one's send off. At Royal London, we have a proud history of supporting families to avoid funeral poverty – it’s why we were founded.

Today we have a number of initiatives to help tackle funeral poverty. We’ve partnered with the Quaker Social Action to help provide funeral grants for vulnerable people, we offer a number of protection products to help UK families, we lead and influence the Government and industry, and provide practical support, to help people have an affordable and dignified funeral.

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a greater awareness of the need to openly approach the subject of death and funeral planning to prevent funeral poverty. We want to help make these conversations easier and overcome the taboo around death in society.

Helpful guides

Our guides provide information and guidance on a range of issues to do with death and your money. They also point you in the right direction if you need further assistance or support.

Bereavement hub

Our bereavement hub has lots of helpful information and guidance on death and money matters, including what to do when someone dies, your money after a death and planning to protect your family.