Pensions were set up to help people avoid poverty in retirement. Today, the aim isn’t that different, except our expectations of our standards of living are higher and now we can expect to live longer. 

This means that we are faced with the challenge of working out how much to save to maintain our standard of living when we have stopped earning. 

Coupled with Government increasing the age at which people will receive their state pension, it is important that you have access to good financial advice and guidance so you can make appropriate plans.

Our world changes fast and we can all experience unforeseen events. Our range of insurance products can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Money guides

We will support you to make confident financial choices with a range of online guides.

Helping you make confident financial choices

Responsibility for funding our later life has shifted from government and employers to each of us individually. This isn't a responsibility that previous generations have had to face.

Many of us don’t realise how to respond to this challenge or where to get help when making decisions. We are here to help. 

We believe impartial financial advice is the gold standard.

It helps people prepare for life events and is also proven to leave them better off both financially and emotionally.

Understand the value of financial advice

Impartial advice isn’t right for everyone, therefore we provide support and guidance in many ways.

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There are some instances where people find themselves in a position where financially they're unable to cope.

So we work with Turn2us, our flagship charity partner who is at the forefront of the fight against poverty in the UK.

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Award-winning support for advisers

We support advisers to scale the provision of impartial financial advice and make sure we continue to offer high quality propositions that they are happy to recommend.

We also support the adviser community with one of the largest adviser relationship teams in the UK to ensure they have access to the expertise and knowledge they require.

How to find a financial adviser

Our mutuality

Mutuals think differently. We exist to serve you, our customers and we serve no one else. Your needs influence the decisions we make, every day.

Being a mutual means our profits are used to improve what we do for you

Having no shareholders means we don't have dividends to pay - so we're able to reinvest our profits into providing you with better products and services.

ProfitShare for 2021 was £169m. Since 2007, we have shared over £1.2b in ProfitShare. This is only possible because we are a mutual.


We exist to serve you, our customers and we serve no one else. Your needs influence the decisions we make, every day.

The Invested Generation

Welcome to the start of a new generation, the Invested Generation.

A group of people with power in their pensions. People who aren't just investing for the future but are invested in it.

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